PELUX, an Automotive Reference Integration Platform

PELUX is an agnostic reference integration platform that enables you to build and develop automotive Linux-based systems without vendor lock-in. As an open source solution accelerator, PELUX helps you prototype and create production-ready, converged automotive systems, including advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), telematics units and in-vehicle infotainment systems.

The platform, built with Yocto, is complemented with the Luxoft Software Factory (SWF), which provides tools and processes for more effective development. This includes project blueprints and documentation for embedded Linux devices, which are tailored specifically to the needs in the automotive industry. PELUX is designed to easily integrate leading third-party open source or proprietary automotive-grade components, including open source projects like GENIVIĀ® and AGL. As a reference UI, PELUX also integrates components from Qt Automotive Suite.

PELUX is founded on GENIVIĀ® specifications and is certified for compliance, with a guarantee that it will follow future open source compliance specification releases. Our internationally recognized expertise in FOSS license compliance allows PELUX to be used to create new business models with confidence. Luxoft understands how secure the entire supply chain of complex automotive software projects must be, with each incorporating various commercial and open source licenses. Our broad knowledge of best practices from the license compliance community enables visibility into the commercialization process of PELUX and our software development processes. These tools and know-how are embedded in PELUX and the Luxoft Software Factory.

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