Design DecisionsΒΆ

  • GENIVI Compliance, PELUX shall be GENIVI compliant where it makes sense. In places where we choose to diverge from GENIVI compliance, there shall be a rationale, a good understanding of the gap and a clear plan for how we can bring the platform into compliance if requested to.

  • Node State Manager vs systemd, PELUX shall have both systemd and GENIVI NSM. PELUX uses systemd for handling the life-cycle of components, i.e. starting and stopping them. NSM from GENIVI shall be used for system wide states, e.g. to communicate specific modes such as going passive before shutdown, handling low-power scenarios, postponing shutdown due to ongoing actions (e.g. an ongoing phone call).

  • GENIVI DLT as a logging aggregator, PELUX shall use GENIVI DLT as a logging aggregator point. The remote access and filtering capabilities of the DLT Viewer combined with the ability to aggregate logs from other sources fulfill the use-cases. The native C bindings, the Qt bindings from QtGENIVIExtras and ivi-logging 1 for non-Qt C++ components make it accessible from the PELUX components.


TO BE DECIDED log4cplus is candidate to replace ivi-logging for non-Qt C++ components.