As of 2019-07-29, PELUX 4.0 has been released! Documentation can be found here

Main features


  • Version number: 4.0
  • Yocto release: thud
  • Qt version: 5.13


  • Adaptation to Yocto “Thud” 2.6
  • Integration with Qt AS 5.13
  • Experimental Mopidy playback plugin for Qt IVI
  • Connectivity Manager for managing network connectivity
  • Alexa SDK integration
  • Automated flashing with MuxPi

Known issues

  • When running the QtAS versions of the platform, there are no ttys allocated on the terminal. To get a terminal, ssh to the target. If you don’t know the IP address of your target, use arp-scan to search for it on your network. You can also select the Qt button at the bottom right corner of the home screen and scroll down to see the IP address.
  • Rasperry Pi 3 (Qt Auto Neptune variant):
    • The Neptune 3 UI is not running as smoothly as the former Neptune UI on Rasperry Pi 3, but on NUC it’s not an issue.



Hardware Platform Variant Size
Intel x86-64 Minimal
Qt Auto Neptune
7.9 GB
7.9 GB
ARP Minimal
Qt Auto Neptune
7.9 GB
7.9 GB
Raspberry Pi 3 Minimal
Qt Auto Neptune
4.4 GB
3.8 GB
QEMU Minimal 1.1 GB


Hardware Platform Size
Intel x86-64 3.0 GB
Automotive Reference Platform 3.0 GB
Raspberry Pi 3 2.7 GB

Branches and tags

Older releases

Build from source

To build PELUX from source, read the relevant chapter in the Development Handbook.