Deploying the image

This section describes how to deploy the build output, a ready disk-image, to a removable media. Further information can be found in the Poky documentation.

General instructions

Use the dd utility to write the image to the raw block device. For example:

dd if=<image-name> of=<host-device> bs=4M


The <image-name> depends on your arch and image recipe name. You can find all images in tmp/deploy/images/<arch>/ in your build directory.


The <host-device> is the SD-card or other removable media device on the host, e.g. /dev/mmcblk0 or /dev/sdc. More information on how to discover the SD-card or other media device can be found in the following documentation.

Image names for PELUX targets

  • NUC/Minnowboard: core-image-pelux-intel-corei7-64.wic

  • Raspberry Pi 3: core-image-pelux-raspberrypi3.rpi-sdimg