Running tests on QEMUΒΆ

To enable the tests to run on QEMU, the local.conf file of the QEMU variant must inherit the following classes,

# Enable testing
INHERIT += " \
    testimage \
    testexport \

An ordered list of the tests to run must be appended in local.conf. These can be core tests provided by yocto like ping, ssh, scp etc. or your own tests. The tests can be added as follows,

# All test suites to run
    ping \
    ssh \
    scp \
    mytest \

To run tests on QEMU target, proceed as follows,

# Bitbake core-image-pelux-minimal-dev for qemu-x86-64_nogfx target
TEMPLATECONF=`pwd`/sources/meta-pelux/conf/variant/qemu-x86-64_nogfx source sources/poky/oe-init-build-env build
bitbake core-image-pelux-minimal-dev

# Make sure we have the required utilities
bitbake qemu-helper-native

# Set up networking for qemu
sudo ../sources/poky/scripts/runqemu-gen-tapdevs 1000 1000 4 tmp/sysroots-components/x86_64/qemu-helper-native/usr/bin

# Give qemu permissions to access tun interfaces
sudo setcap cap_net_admin+ep $(find tmp/work/ -name qemu-system-x86_64 | grep qemu-helper-native)

# Run tests
bitbake core-image-pelux-minimal-dev -c testimage