Create an initial indexΒΆ

The actual structure of the documentation might be quite different to the file structure of the restructured text files. To set up a useful structure the docs/index.rst file is used, which in it self points to articles and deeper index files for chapters, etc. This file makes it also possible to reuse the content from the SWF Blueprint. Let's look at a example implementation:

.. toctree::
  :caption: Table of contents
  :maxdepth: 3


This will create a table of contents which will show headlines 3 levels deep. The index files referenced here can have their own toctrees, those will show up as children.

It takes a little bit of time to get the feeling on how to create meaningful toctrees from different sources but it has a big advantage where you can compile a coherent documentation from different sources.


Every toctree in the initial index file will show up as a caption in the sidebar.