How to cross compile using Qt Creator and PELUX SDE


  1. Hardware target is running PELUX

  2. Hardware target has an sftp server installed


  1. Start PELUX SDE

  2. Start Qt Creator

  3. Open up tools->build & run->kits and verify that the PELUX SDE installed a kit successfully

  4. Under devices, create a Generic Linux Device with the IP Address and login to your hardware target

  5. Open any Qt/C++ application that you want to run on the hardware target.

  6. Under project->run settings add all arguments required to run the application. Do not forget --platform if the application is graphical.

  7. Click build. This will cross compile the application using the PELUX SDK.

  8. Click run. This will copy and run the compiled application to the hardware target using sftp.

  9. The compiled application should now run on your target.


This may require that any previously running graphical applications are shutdown before hand.