PELUX Continuous Integration jobs

For the PELUX Baseline, the Jenkins instance at has some predefined jobs that we run regularly or on commit.

Jenkins jobs

The jobs available in our Jenkins set up can be divided into three categories, yocto builds, Software Factory builds and meta jobs.

Many of the jobs we have are multi-branch pipelines. In Jenkins terms, this means that it scans the repository it is configured for, and builds any branches and any pull requests. This makes it easy to build for sanity checking a pull request before pulling it in, while still automatically building the target branches whenever they are changed.

Building pull requests works for at least both GitHub and GitLab, and PELUX uses GitHub for this.

A multi-branch pipeline is triggered whenever there is a change to any of the branches or pull requests in the repository. Depending on network set up, this can be done by polling the repo or by using a webhook. Since the PELUX Jenkins is publicly available, we're using webhooks. This also ensures that there is no delay from push to build.

Yocto builds

The yocto builds currently do not archive any artifacts. This is for legal reasons, as archiving the artifacts on a public Jenkins instance would constitute "distribution" as described in the GNU GPL. When we build a binary release of PELUX, we will archive the artifacts and the complete and corresponding source code.

We use a cache for all Yocto jobs except the nightly. The reason behind that is to ensure that a clean build (which is what a typical user would do) works as expected.


This is set up as a multi-branch pipeline job. It builds a full PELUX baseline system with all four configurations (Intel and Raspberry Pi 3, with and without QtAuto for each).


Builds the three main branches (master + two latest yocto releases) in all configurations, without cache, every night.

Software Factory

Software Factory Blueprint Build

A multi-branch pipeline that builds the Software Factory Blueprint.

PELUX Software Factory Build

A multi-branch pipeline that builds the PELUX Software Factory. If successful, triggers a build of the software-factory-deploy job (see below).


The following jobs are specific to the set up of, and are therefore considered meta jobs. Website Build

A multi-branch pipeline that builds the website. If successful, triggers a build of the Website Deploy job (see below) Website Deploy

Copies the artifacts stored from Website Build to the web server where is served.

PELUX Software Factory Deploy

Copies the artifacts stored from PELUX Software Factory to the web server where is served.

Wipe Cache Weekly

Wipes out the Yocto cache once a week to make sure it does not grow out of control.