Hardware Setup

There are several variants of PELUX images. Minimal is only the PELUX platform while the QtAuto+Neptune has a rich user interface designed for touch interaction.

Requirements for minimal (if not relying on SSH only)

  • Screen with HDMI cable

  • Keyboard

Requirements for Qt Automotive Suite + Neptune

  • Full HD touch screen (GeChic OnLap 1303i or 1503i)

Supported Hardware

PELUX currently supports 3 different hardware platforms. Below you can see the recommended hardware setup for each.

Raspberry Pi

  • Model/Version: Raspberry Pi 3 B+

  • SOC: Broadcom BCM2837B0

  • At least 16 GB SD-card for boot image

Intel NUC

  • Model/Version: Intel NUC7i5BNH or later

  • SOC: x86-64 PC

  • At least 16 GB USB stick for boot image


  • Model/Version: ARP v1.1 or later

  • SOC: Intel Atom E39xx SMARC 2.0 module

  • At least 16 GB USB stick for boot image