How to use the SWF Platform BlueprintΒΆ

To understand some of the content in this page, please refer to Structure and nomenclature.

The first thing that needs to be done within a project is for the project to create its own project specific SWF. This is done by creating a Deployment that extends the Blueprint with more content and also additional project specific content, see Create a SWF deployment.

For the SWF Deployment to be a suitable project SWF, the structure and order of the articles need to be set in a suitable way. This is done by following the template structure and order which is documented in the Blueprint, and extend that with project specific content. After the skeletal Deployment has been created according to the above instructions, please refer to Create an initial index for details on how to create the actual project SWF structure and order of articles.

An example, and reference, SWF Deployment is the PELUX Baseline SWF Deployment 1.