Structure and nomenclature


  • SWF Platform Blueprint - Contains the overall roles, responsibilities, process, and instructions involved in working with a Yocto based Linux platform in the IVI domain. A project is intended to use the Blueprint as-is and extend it with a project specific Deployment. Imagine a layered view, where this is the bottom and most generic layer.

  • SWF Platform Deployment - A concrete SWF that describes and documents how the project's platform is developed. A SWF Platform Deployment re-uses the SWF Platform Blueprint for the generic parts that are not project specific, i.e. it extends the Blueprint.

  • Software Factory (SWF) - This is a term used within the SWF Platform Deployment to refer to itself. This is not additional documentation, but rather a convenient term.

  • Platform - The exact content and definition of what a platform is, is project specific.


Incorrect documentation is worse than no documentation at all in many cases, and the requirement on correct content makes the maintenance of the SWF important. The maintenance complexity is assumed to be the most important problem to mitigate, and this affects the way the content is structured and written.

The SWF is written and structured in different abstraction levels. The most abstract and over-arching parts are Processes. These typically refers various Instructions which in turn typically refers to a set of How-To's. Processes, Instructions, and How-To's could be seen as structured in layers with the most abstract content as top tier. There should be references downwards, e.g. from Instructions to How-To's, but as few references upwards as possible. References between articles on the same level are sometimes needed but should be kept to a minimum as well. The reason is that an over-arching process should be possible to change by modifying which Instructions and How-To's are referenced and in what order, without needing to modify any (or at least as little as possible) of the less abstract content. Likewise, modifying a How-To should not affect any more abstract content that references it, more than absolutely necessary.

This is not strictly enforced in any way but it is a guideline for any contribution of content in order to mitigate future maintenance issues.

  • Red block is the highest level of abstraction

  • Blue block is the next highest level of abstraction

  • Green block is the lowest level of abstraction, and thus the most concrete level.