The Software Factory (SWF) concept is intended to be used as a structured way to set up a platform, and to be a handbook for the work involved in the development of that platform. Part of this concept is to enable a project to start creating and populating its own SWF - a handbook specific to the needs of the project.

The project SWF starts with initial and basic content, at the same time as the platform is in an initial basic state, and then evolves into a project specific SWF as the platform evolves as well. This evolution is expected to correlate with the maturity and progress of the project. In essence, this means the SWF intends to quickly start a project's development of a platform and also guide the project into maturity.

To understand the details and structure more in-depth, please consult Structure and nomenclature

To understand how to read and use the SWF Platform Blueprint, please consult How to use the SWF Platform Blueprint.

To create a SWF for your project, see Create a SWF deployment.