We are proud to announce that PELUX 1.0 has been released today!

As the classic in-vehicle ECU architecture adapts to tackle new requirements and trends in the automotive industries, a need for a more flexible and dynamic hierarchical architecture appears. The shift from traditional heterogeneous ECUs to converged central computing platforms for certain vehicle domains such as infotainment, autonomous driving, body control and communication, will enable such an architecture. The PELUX Suite was designed in order to enable the development of such converged automotive systems. PELUX leverages well known open source projects such as Linux, Yocto and GENIVI in order to provide a base development platform. The base development platform is complemented with project blueprints and documentation, that has one main goal in mind - to provide a state of the art development experience in embedded Linux device creation, tailored to automotive needs.

The PELUX project use case and requirements were distilled from years of hands-on experience, as well as the analysis of current trends in the automotive industry. PELUX was designed to be the inovation platform that changes how your automotive software is created: by relying on advanced technical solutions, leveraging open source projects and defining a scaled agile way of working.

Read more about the release details on the releases page!